Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday Noon Open Mat and Fundamentals Class

So one of the guys sent me a text thursday night about meeting up for an open mat on friday at noon and of course I jumped on it. We had five guys there and I had a great time. Tossed some big white belts around and did a round with Ian. We were rolling 4 or 5 minute rounds and we're thinking about moving those to 6 or 7 minute rounds and making it a regular thing. I'd love that.

After finishing out my day at work I went back to teach the beginner class. Kris showed up, so we worked the basic Gi guard break and drilled it for a bit, then working a basic guard pass where you move to combat base with your right leg up, trap your opponents right leg under your left arm, grab their left pants leg and the knee and lever your elbow out and drive their knee towards their face, then release the knee once you have it pressured down and wrap around the leg and grab the far collar, then walk towards the head and pop the leg off to pass to side control. Easy as it can be.

Then we worked on the counter scissor sweep to that pass. When the person pops their knee up to combat base you drive your opposite leg across their chest and use your same side leg to hook around the foot of the leg they are basing with to trap it. Then tricep and collar grip in the trapped leg side sweep.

Then for kicks did the counter to the counter sweep. When the persons knee drives across, you slide your down knee in towards their bottom leg and drop onto your hip, pinning their leg, and grab their belt at the back. Then free your basing leg, back step, hip switch, and climb them to side control.

After that we rolled for a while. I went positional only while Kris was allowed subs. I spent a lot of time sweeping him and running around on top, at one point he locked up an inverted triangle and I took a page out of my lutador experience and just based and stood up, then peeled him off. Fun times and he's getting better for sure.

About that time Coe showed up and we talked about side control escapes and I worked a few ideas with him, then we did some medium speed flow rolling which was great. Flow rolling with him is a little hard because he's so heavy with his pressure all of the time, but once we got into the groove there was tons of back and forth. Including one excellent inverted overhead sweep. He was standing up out of north south and a grabbed his sleeves, put my feet in his armpits, and flipped him straight forward over me. Fun stuff.

Injury Report: Left arm is STILL jacked. It will feel fine, then I go to class and don't do anything particular to it, and the next day I can barely move it. Knees are both good, ribs are good, back is good, neck is good. Finger on my left hand is 90%. Either way I'm starting back to full classes Sunday, I'll just roll one handed for a few weeks again. No big deal.

Also! BJJFights has the Aba Dhabi Pro No-Gi championship matches posted up, including Cobrinha, Langhi, Mendes, and a bunch of other absolutely awesome guys. Insanely technical no-gi matches.

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