Wednesday, February 29, 2012

First Class in our New Location!

Tonight was the first class I've been to at our new location and it was absolutely awesome.
We've got Zebra mats now instead of the crappy puzzle mats from the TKD school. The place doesn't smell like a hundred children have all messed themselves at once, and we've got big storefront windows so potential customers can see us training. We've already gotten more walkin inquiries in the week we've been there than in the entire time we were at the TKD school. It's gonna be awesome.

Class tonight started out with more wrestling. We're still working on takedowns off of the deep single underhook. I need to work on achieving that grip during the standup because I'm decent at finishing a few different takedowns from there, I just don't fight for the setups enough.

Ground work was spider guard passing. The first pass was the basic elbow in, then pop, then slide the knee in, control the legs and work your way past.
Second pass was extra fun time breakdance pass. You step to the side slightly, then take a big step over your opponents body, sit down HARD and throw your hands in the air (like you just don't care) to break the grips. Then spin through to side control.

We also looked at a couple of kneebar options off of there.

Did some specific sparring from spider guard and I let the whitebelts work the pass for the most part then countered and swept them right at the end of it. After that we rolled 7 minute rounds. We had 3 minute breaks on the clock, but I just grabbed more people and kept rolling. So I did 30 minutes straight more or less.

I'm trying to work on my halfguard. I really need to work on it against Johnny to make sure I'm dealing with the most pressure imaginable. Everything else felt pretty good. I need to just keep working and refining my stuff.

I started lifting again yesterday, 5x5, and my legs were definitely feeling it tonight. Lifting again tomorrow, then training again on Friday. It feels good to be getting back into the groove.

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