Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Back on the Mats Again (For like the 10th time)

After another month long hiatus it feels absolutely great to have gotten back to training last night. I went in at 7 for the No-Gi class and did some warmup rolling with one of the kids. He's one of the guys that doesn't seem to internalize the concepts very rapidly so he kept trying to just flail harder to escape mount. I made him stop and escape it properly a few times during the roll, so hopefully he paid attention. Techniques were one of the basic three move combos. The kimura -> hip bump -> guillotine combo with a bonus omoplatta at the end. All very solid basic stuff and the hip bump is probabably something I need to revist in my game. Once we started rolling I spent the entire time working on sweeps and submissions from guard. I was rolling with a couple of our wrestlers, so it was a very scramble heavy roll. One of them has just SICK shoulder pressure, but constantly forgets to control the hips in favor of driving his shoulder into my neck, resulting in him getting subbed a lot. My biggest surprise was that I didn't feel weak coming back. I don't feel like I lost anything from the break at all... My left knee that I injured in Baton Rouge sent me a sternly worded protest about twenty minutes after class that it did NOT appreciate the activity, but screw that guy. He's just a big whiner. I also took the opportunity to put my new shorts through their paces, so that review will be up tomorrow. I have to say I was a little disappointed in them though. Training again Wednesday and probably Friday as well!

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