Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Get Wristlocked! WHOO!

The last time someone successfully wristlocked me prior to today was 2013. That's despite multiple attempts in multiple tournaments, including Master/Senior Worlds.

Today my homie Chris got me with one. I was quite proud of him. I tried a sweep that he surfed through into a sort of straight armbar position and he got my arm and rotated my wrist all the way around until my pinky was just past my wrist, then brought the pressure down on it. He was still a bit hesitant to put enough downward pressure on it, but finally gave in and was able to actually put enough pressure for me to tap to it.

I love when things like this happen because it's way way better to learn your limits in class and know that there IS a place where things get dangerous, even if most people can't find it, than to learn in the middle of a tournament against some specialist who breaks your shit off because you expect to be able to ignore their attack.

The rest of the rolling was great too, technique work was some stuff off of the basic x-choke from guard that included a nice transition from x-choke to armbar to x-choke/triangle again. The pivotal idea on that last one was that when you go for the armbar, if you get stacked you keep your sleeve grip when they pull their arm out, which gives you access to their collar again, which lets you finish the choke.

Excellent sequence and I was able to put it to good use to up my triangle choke finishes in class. Very happy.

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