Thursday, March 24, 2016

Project Ankle Lock is Completed

Since before the ATL open I've been working on tripod sweeps and scissor sweeps using the ankle lock grip and then finishing the ankle lock. I've gotten to the point where I can achieve the sweep and finish the ankle lock on a wide variety of people including multiple brown belts and some of our more athletic folks, so I've decided to conclude the project and consider the Sickle into Ankle Lock to be fully integrated into my game.

For the next project I had briefly looked at adding in the Estima lock, but after tinkering with it I've found that I have to force the position a lot more than I want to if I want to try it. People just don't naturally respond to my actions by moving into a position that makes the Estima lock available. So instead I think I'm going to move to something else. Not sure what, yet, so it might be time to jam some youtube videos and find something new to work on, or I might revisit some of my sweeps.

Still, things are going pretty well. I'll be attending a Roberto Traven seminar this saturday which I'm looking forward to.

1 comment:

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