Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Knee Shield Halfguard Project

As I mentioned in my previous update I've moved from my leglock project into a project centered around the Knee Shield Halfguard position. That project has been going extremely well and I've been finding success with position even against my coach (To one degree or another).

I expect to have some instructional videos for the position put together later this year.

Another development is that progress is moving forward towards opening my own gym. It looks as if there is a possibility that my current gyms kids MMA instructor may be looking to open an MMA gym in the same area that I was looking to open a BJJ gym, and since the two of us get along fairly well our coach suggested we go in on the venture together. That may make it significantly easier for me to launch the gym which is obviously great.

I'm still planning on that being about 18 months out though. No need to rush things.

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