Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Did anyone get the number of that truck...?

Woohoo! More open mats last night so another solid hour of pain. I rolled first with a newer guy who was very strong, and had a fairly advanced bottom game with a lot of the same habits as some of the more experienced guys. His weakness was that he had no top game to speak of. I passed his guard pretty much at will, spent a while in mount working armbars, and triangled him a couple of times. It was exhausting, but fun and we must have rolled for 25-30 minutes straight. Next I got tooled by one of the bigger more experienced guys for a couple of minutes then took a break.Then I got tooled by one of the smaller more experienced guys for a while. This guy was maybe an inch shorter than me and 20lbs heavier, very blocky looking, but faster than hell. I told him to just murder me, so he did. Knee Bars, Arm Bars, all kinds of good stuff. Next I got to play with Chad who is one of the grappling instructors. He was kind enough to dial it down to where he was just one step ahead of me the whole time. He played catch and release with the subs and let me work out of them and gave me some tips and let me know when I was about to be in trouble. It was extremely informative and a great experience. I'm actually very confident that I can win my division at Super Slam in February.

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