Thursday, December 20, 2007

Everybody knows girls can't fight.......

But apparently Jiu Jitsu isn't fighting, cause I got ownaged by a 115lb girl at class today. Most of the guys were doing standup for the first part of open mats, but I did roll with a guy named Jeff who murdered me for about 15 minutes or so. Then I rolled with a girl who I think is named Nicki. She's 115lbs, about 5'6", and at least as strong as I am. She omoplataed me, and armbarred me a couple of times, I caught her with Pinky's Crush when she turtled up in my guard, and I caught her with a knee crank when she started using the body triangle guard on me. Other than that we pretty much spent the whole time grip fighting and trying to break each others guard. Rolling with experienced people who are my size is a little weird, we seem to be trying to play the same kind of game and it turns in to a big stalemate. It was fun though, and I learned a few things about the way I play my top game.


  1. Pinky's Crush? Never heard that one before: is that a random move, or just a crazy name for something common?

  2. I called it that because I learned it from Bullshido member Pinky at one of the Atlanta throwdowns. From full guard you pull your opponent towards you and lock your legs around their waist, then you reach up and clasp your hands behind your knees. Then squeeze with your legs and your arms.
    You have to have your legs right across the bottom ribs to get a tap from it. But I've tapped 3-4 people with it. So it works decently well and it's a good way to surprise people who think they are safe just sitting in your guard.