Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 BJJ Resolutions

So after successfully managing to get married and spending an awesome 10 days in Gatlinburg I'm ready to get back to work and jits. This being New Years Eve it's time to lay out my resolutions for the new year. My BJJ related resolutions are as follows:

1. Purple Belt: I want it. I think I'm close enough that a really dedicated 6-8 months will put me in position to get it by October/November.

2. X-Guard: I want to make this a more central part of my game.

3. Get my weightlifting back on track and push my PL total up to 900lbs.

Along the way I'd like to pick up some gold medals at NAGA or Lutador, and possibly some of the US Grappling comps.

1 comment:

  1. A Purple Belt is heavy on my mind too. I've had to switch gyms two times after receiving my Blue belt in 2009 though. So I lost time in rank I had for for both schools. Hopefully, this will be my year!

    Continued success!