Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Purple Belt Roadmap

I believe I've mentioned before that Alliance has fairly specific testing criteria for belt ranks, which you can check out here, so I'm looking to distill the general requirements down into specifics for my game so that I have a nice detailed list of stuff to practice. My goal is to have a short video of me performing each technique uploaded and linked from this post so that I have a nice specific idea of WTF I'm doing.

Throws and Takedowns
One leg throw:
1.Ashi Guruma

Four hip throws:
1.Hip Throw w/ Underhook
2.Hip Throw w/ Head control
3.Ippon Seio Nage
4.Whizzer throw

Two double legs:
1.Double w/ turn the corner
2.Double w/ sweep the leg

Two single leg:
1.Single w/ turn the corner
2.Single w/ sweep the leg

Two ways to defend the guillotine standing up:
1.Side step to suplex
2.Turnout to duckunder

Two ways to defend the headlock standing:
1.Sitback takedown
2.T-bone suplex (May not be legit)
3.Body Lock takedown

One way to defend the headlock on the ground:
1.Running man sweep

One way to defend the guillotine on the ground:
1.Stack defense

Passing the Guard
Five different ways to pass the guard and get side control
1. Toreador Pass
2. Double Underhook Pass
3. Basic Knee Through Pass
4. Hug and Climb Pass
5. Log Splitter Knee Through Pass

Two sweeps from the half-guard:
1.Overhook Upa

Two half-guard passes:
1.Backstep Pass
2.Foot on Thigh Pass

Sweeps from the Guard
Five different ways to sweep your opponent:
1. Butterfly Sweep
2. Half Butterfly Elevator Sweep
3. Giftwrap sweep
4. Single collar sweep
5. Situp Sweep
6. Scissor Sweep (Just in case one of the others doesn't count)

Two ways to escape the mount:
1.Bridge and Roll (Upa escape)
2.Knee-to-Elbow escape

One way to escape the side-mount:
1.Far side underhook escape

One way to escape the rear-mount:
1.Isolate the arm, turn into guard.

One way to escape the knee-on-belly:
1.Nearside arm grips the foot, bridge, push to halfguard.

Five from the mount:
1. Armbar
2. Americana
3. Mounted Triangle
4. Ezekiel
5. Single Collar Choke

Two double attacks:
1. Triangle/Armbar
2. Kimura/Armbar

Three from the side-mount
1. Americana
2. Kimura
3. Single Collar choke

Two from the back
1. RNC
2. Armbar

Two from knee in the belly
1. Farside Armbar
2. Nearside Armbar

Five from the guard
1. Triangle
2. Armbar
3. Omoplata
4. X-Choke
5. Kimura


  1. I was looking at your list. It's very daunting from a wee white belt perspective, but you seem to have a very broad knowledge base. I have faith that you will be able to accomplish your goals. Good Luck.


  2. It's really not that daunting when you start looking at what those techniques really are. I use the same handful of subs from almost every position. My guard passes are actually the same pass using a different guard break for the most part.
    The sweeps all use the same unbalancing principles. It's really like 6 moves fudged and renamed until it looks like a whole bunch.