Monday, February 16, 2015

Operation Be More Assertive Update

OBMA has been an ongoing project for while now, it took a break when I came back from my layoff in favor of me just getting back into the groove and being able to train regularly, but since the beginning of the year I've been able to really get back to it. I find that now I have made a lot of progress in avoiding sweeps and reversals, refusing to give into them, and maintaining my top position. I've also made progress with asserting myself while performing sweeps, pushing to get on top, and generally making the rolls go my way.

Now what I have noticed is that I am WAY too comfortable just hanging out in top position. I do not assertively push for submissions and seek to finish. I don't actively generate openings, I just chill and put pressure on from the top and hope my opponent gives me something I can use.

I suppose that's all find and good, but I do need to be pushing myself to attack once I'm top a lot more. I'm fond of saying that the progression is Defend, Escape, Advance, Submit and I'm getting 1-3 going very successfully, but I have to tighten down on my submission game.

To that end I'll be focusing on Americanas, Arm triangles, and Armbars from the top for the next couple of months with an eye towards immediately attacking the second I get on top, even if I completely blow it and end up on the bottom again.

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