Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Couple of Weightlifting Goals Achieved

So I hit 290 on the deadlift and 225 on the squats again, which is where I was aiming for as it's a 2x bodyweight dead and a 1.5x bodyweight squat. I've now switched over to this insane machine called a Jacob's Ladder for my legwork while I work on getting my bench up to par. On that note I dropped back to 5x5 with 95lbs on Monday, and I'll be doing 5x5 with 100lbs tonight and continuing in that fashion until Vegas probably.

On the BJJ front I'm still on an upswing. Successful takedowns, successful submissions, a new era of straight footlocks being thrown on everyone. Everything about my game is improving substantially to the point that the only person who truly wrecks me is Chris. Everyone else I feel competitive with.

If I can keep up this progress until Vegas I actually have some hopes of medaling.

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