Saturday, July 11, 2015

Random Lifting Updates and No-Gi work

Hitting the gym in preparation for all of the tournaments I have coming up and trying to get my numbers backup.

Bench - 5/3/1 - 95/115/135
Squats - 5/3/1/1 - 155/175/195/205
Deadlift - 5/3/1/1 - 175/195/225/255

My bench is lagging way behind, so I threw in a bunch of volume work on the bench and overhead press and some other supplementary work.

Also, lunges holding 40lb dumbbells to add in some grip work and some supplementary leg work.

The last time by squats and deads were this high my bench was 175, so I'm going to work hard to get it back up near there.

We're doing No-Gi this month and my first session back at it I completely sucked and couldn't figure out WTF I was even doing. Second day I had it together and was performing very well. I'm actually hitting real takedowns in the standup too, which is nice.

Registration and travel arrangements for Vegas should all be handled in a couple of weeks along with the Atlanta Open and Grapplemania.

Not sure if I'll make some of the other smaller tournaments now since I decided to do the ATL Open and Vegas, definitely doing Grapplemania though.

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