Monday, January 7, 2008

I, for one, welcome our new 2008 Overlords.

I have survived another new year. Huzzah! A look back at 2007 says it was a great year for me. I bought a house, had a solid year of BJJ, Got a couple of new dogs, and managed to eek my way up to 140lbs. Looking ahead to 2008 I have the following goals:
1. Win my division at Super Slam
2. Win my division at Casca Grossa
3. Win my division at NAGA
In order to accomplish these I've made the following resolutions:
1. Start running stairs twice a week. There's a great set of stairs at my office I can hit before class on tuesdays and thursdays.
2. Improve my nutrition. I've been very slack on what I eat for a long time, I need to get my diet fixed up.
3. Continue going to class 3-4 days a week.
4. Start lifting weights.

I'm starting with resolution number one, working to get that one ingrained as a habit, and simultaneously working on number 2 and 3. Once I'm running regularly I'll work on getting number 4 in there.

I'm heading back to class tonight and really looking forward to it even though I'm fighting a bit of a chest cold.

32 days until Super Slam....

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