Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shoulder injuries, crossfit, weightlifting

I found out right before Casca Grossa that I've been running around with my shoulder partially dislocated, got that fixed and did ok at CG. Took 2nd. My boy Johnny destroyed his division again despite the weightclasses being changed at the last second. He was down to 195lbs expecting to be in the 199 division. They changed it up though and he was in the 190-215lb division. The other guy I took got 3rd, which was great since it's his first ever grappling tournament.
I'm still working out with them on Fridays, but my actual BJJ is going to be sporadic because once again my downfall was not a lack of skill or technique, but a lack of strength and endurance. So I'm continuing with my lifting and starting Crossfit this friday. For the next few months my emphasis is going to be on conditioning and strength training instead of Jiujitsu. Hopefully my friday workouts and my general screwing around will be enough to keep me from losing too much skill in the mean time.
I added deadlifts in to my lifting also, and everything is still sitting at 95 lbs. Getting 5x5 reps of overhead press w/ 95 has proven to be difficult with my shoulder healing, but it's mostly there now, so I'm going to give it a try again tonight.

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