Friday, July 4, 2008

Twice in one week? OMFGWTFBBQ!

Yeah, so made it to class again today. It was my favorite kind of class, all rolling. I rolled w/ Patrick and got less murdered today. I took his back and rolled for an armbar, but I broke his grip with the wrong foot (The one by his head) and he rolled up and out of it. Other than that, I didn't really get any opportunities to finish him. Though I did find that EVERYONE is too strong for me to Kimura from guard off of a failed situp sweep. Then I rolled with.... dude whose name I forget who doesn't seem to ever tap to anything. Triangled him twice and tried to "Teepee" him, but couldn't get it tight enough. Then I caught him in an Omoplata, but he drug me around and I couldn't lock it in, so I turned it into an Omegaplata (Omoplata locked in, extend the top leg across the throat like a Gogplata and reach up and grab your foot.) but couldn't get enough pressure to tap him with that either. He kept trying to Darce me from halfguard, but he wasn't getting his weight on top of me enough so I was able to sit out, posture up and spin, I pushed him over and took side control twice. As well as sweep him a few times and end up in mount. Which was like trying to stay on a freaking crazed bull.
After that me and Gumby rolled, which was a blast as usual. He's not as heavy as the other guys and not insanely stronger than me. He's also only a little more flexible than I am, which makes for some crazy shit. We ended up with some crazy double leg lock on each other, when spinning out of that I ended up with an ankle lock, which we then rolled out of and I ended up with side control. I even managed to get an arm triangle, but he peeled me off with his feet. All kinds of good positional stuff. Tons of fun. Unfortunately I have shit to do every day next week and won't be able to make any classes. I might not even be able to lift, which would blow. But we shall see.

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