Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ugh. Going in Reverse sucks...

It could have been worse. That's about all I can say. Missing an entire month of class I came back and could feel how much ground I had lost. Guys that I could beat were holding their own against me, guys I could stalemate were smashing me. I really have to find a way to make it to class more often.
During the first part of class we worked Open Guard and I got to play with my butterfly guard a bit which worked reasonably well. I'm getting better at it, but I still feel like I don't have enough leg strength to make it work against people 30+ lbs heavier than I am. I was able to pass a few peoples open guard and generally just got to work on my passing which has improved a lot even with the backsliding.
After that we worked on "popcorn" which is using small explosive movements chained together to escape from a tight hold. I'm not particularly good at it making a whole bunch of movements, but I never seemed to need more than 3 or so to get a knee wedged in.
After that we went live and I rolled w/ Gumby which was a blast. We ended up in some strange positions and generally just had a good time. I was mostly able to defend against everyone and even ended up with mount on a couple of people, an omoplata that I just couldn't finish and a gogoplata that the guy just wouldn't tap to, I think it was the same guy in two different rolls actually... Then I rolled w/ Ralph and that boy has gotten slicker than shit. He's half asleep and choking me silly now. I can't wait to see his first Ammy fight coming up. I expect him to steamroll his opponent in short order.
Lifting weights tonight, then class on Thursday. Meeting Johnny and some of the guys on Friday to work on my wrestling too.

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