Friday, March 19, 2010

Attacks from the Back

I have been thinking about my range of attacks from the back recently and determined that they are woefully deficient. I have 2 chokes and an armbar, and the comedy triangle option that I rarely get. To that end I've decided I need to pick up some more attacks that I can combo with to open up more opportunities.
One option I'm looking at is transitioning to a Kimura since most of the time I have half of the grip established already and it's not something people normally look at defending against when you are on their back, however it does involve giving up the position in order to switch to head mount or side control to finish it, or to the crucifix. I've been told I shouldn't give up position to go for the sub, but I feel like moving from one dominant position to another isn't so bad. Plus I feel like threatening the Kimura will open up my single cross collar choke option more.

I can also see the possibility of using that grip to hit armbars, and even using that grip plus some slick transitioning to hit a triangle choke. My intent is to try tonight and hopefully film some of it for review later. I will post further once I've tested it out.

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