Monday, March 29, 2010

Triangle Chokes and whatnot

So Last friday was a craptacular class for me. Nothing was working right, I was getting my ass kicked and didn't feel like I learned anything except that I'm weak. Sunday's class was a completely different story. It was No-Gi and we worked on armdrags to the bag and some butterfly sweeps. I need to be more authoritative with my armdrag grip and not worry so much about moving my opponent or even myself, just establish the grip and work for one of the many many many sweeps or attacks that you can do with it.
Rolling was fun, locked in a bunch of triangle chokes, including finishing one when I was stacked so far over that my knee was braced on my forehead. Also hit armbars, an RNC, a gogoplata, an anaconda choke, and several other triangles. It was a solid night for me.

I'm sore as HELL today as well, started a new training regime over the weekend and it is a killer. Hopefully I'll see my strength go up before the next NAGA.

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