Tuesday, March 2, 2010

NAGA Feb27, 2010

So, long story short NAGA sucked.
I was sick leading up to it and hadn't recovered by the day of. I won my first match on points while trying to rest as much as possible. Lost my second by getting triangled after making a STUPID mistake. Was up by 4, had control of my opponent with a knee slicer and his back, no way he could escape if I just held it there. Gave up the leg to try to transition to his back for a choke. FOR NO GOOD REAOSN. I could have just sat there and won.
Went on to lose my next No-Gi match and my first Gi match. Dude who beat me in no-gi got 1st, dude who beat me in Gi got 2nd. I'm pissed about it all.
Videos will be up by the end of the week.

Back weightlifting today. 143.5, 5x5 on the squats, 117.5 , 5x5 on the bench.

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  1. I guess you can at least say to yourself you were going for a submission, rather than just waiting to win on points.