Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Year in Review: 2011

So here were my resolutions for 2011
1. Purple Belt: I want it. I think I'm close enough that a really dedicated 6-8 months will put me in position to get it by October/November.
2. X-Guard: I want to make this a more central part of my game.
3. Get my weightlifting back on track and push my PL total up to 900lbs.
Let's take a look at where I ended up!

Purple Belt? CHECK! Ran into some scheduling difficulties, but the test itself went smoothly.
X-Guard? NOPE! Worked it some, then decided it was not yet time and circled back to some more basic stuff including X-guard setups.
PL Total 900? Progress! Hit 710lbs. Still work to do, but things are going well.

New goals for 2012

1. GOLD MEDALS: I want to win some damnit! I've got a ton of 2nd/3rd place medals but no 1st place. I want some!
2. Compete at the Mundials: If I pick up a medal here it will be FUCKING EPIC, but I'm going for the experience more than anything else.
3. Push my PL total up another 100lbs.
4. Push two or three techniques up to blackbelt level.

Good luck to everyone else with their goals for the year!

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