Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Homework New Years!

Ok people! Enough holiday slacking! Time to get back to work.

Everyone who has been following my homework assignments now gets to start fresh with me in the new year and return to lesson number one! Let's play "What's Your Game?!"

So again, your homework assignment is to go back and look at the LAST time you wrote out your game, see what parts of it you've actually be using and what you haven't. Look for places where you've been using a technique frequently that's NOT listed in your game and add it in.

NOW, move on to the next assignment and craft three sequences using techniques from your game which result in you achieving a submission. These should consist of a takedown, a guard pass, and a submission each. Ideally three different ones. These are "Ideal Competition Sequences" and you should drill each of these as often as you can until they are second nature and flow naturally together.

Third is the new component to this assignment. C-C-C-Combo Time!

Figure out how two submissions and a sweep or two sweeps and a submission can be combined together. For me I use Scissor Sweep, Triangle Choke, and  and Armbar. Go for the scissor, if my opponent manages to post to block I transition to the Triangle Choke. If my opponent postures up to escape I switch to the armbar.
There are thousands of ways to combine various sweeps and submissions together so that they flow smoothly, you'll want to get one really solid sequence that you are comfortable with.
You will drill this sequence EVERY SINGLE DAY in January. If you don't have a partner to drill it with then go through the motions solo in slow motion as best you can while thinking your way through it. The goal is 100 reps of this sequence every day. The first 10 reps should be with no resistance. Go through the technique with perfect form nice and slowly. Over the next 90 reps increase the resistance by about 10% every 10 reps. By the time you get to reps 90 through 100 your partner should be fully resisting. Your goal is to get ahead of them and land the third move in your sequence. The first two MUST be convincing enough that if they don't bother to defend them the technique will work, but the moment the technique is failing and you have the opportunity to transfer to the next technique you should do so.

So, DRILL! DRILL! DRILL! and make it your own.

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