Saturday, November 3, 2007

NAGA 2007 AfterParty

Alright grappling fans, NAGA was today in Suwannee. We travelled over from Athens for the event and managed to avoid getting lost on the way in and arrived about 12:15. I registered and then went down to weigh-in. With my jeans on I was exactly 140.0, without them I weighed in at 138.5. So I've put on a little weight since Casca Grossa.
We sat around watching Futurama DVDs until the Kids divisions were done then the mens No-Gi divisions started. A couple of the guys from Hardcore showed up to compete in the Novice divisions and a guy I met at Casca Grossa was there for Novice as well. Things ran pretty smooth and everything was wrapped up ad we were back home by 5.
I again won my first match, then lost my second. With a 1/1 record I was then fighting for 3rd place, I was exhausted and lost that to a fairly cheap neck crank that I never saw coming. That won't happen again. The other guy from hardcore lost his first match when he got caught in a triangle and spun the wrong way out of it. He looked pretty good but needs more practice.
Brian, the kid I met at Casca Grossa ended up winning the Novice division. I got most of his matches filmed, but I missed the final one. So now I have a 5th out of 12 at Casca Grossa and a 4th out of 9 at NAGA. I feel like I'm squarely in the middle of the Beginner division and I've now accomplished 2 of my goals, won a match at CG and won a match at NAGA.
What I got out of this competition was that my conditioning is sad. I REALLY need to be in better shape if I expect to win one of these. So time to start doing sprints and stuf, really get my cardio up there. That's my focus for the next couple of months.

Video links will be up once the giant uploads are finished.

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