Friday, November 16, 2007

The Ultimate Fighter 11/14

I haven't been to class since NAGA due to total car failure. 800$ for a new clutch, woohoo! I should be getting my car back sometime today though, hopefully in time to make it to open mats tonight.

So I missed most of the last TUF episode, but I did see the coinflip to decide who would be coached by Hughes and the resulting Douchebaggery by Hughes when the two guys tried to make it clear that whatever beef was between Hughes and Serra, they were just there to train. So Hughes AGAIN looks like a dick. Lucky for him he has the future winner of the show on his team, Mac "The Vegan Tornado" Danzig. Mac put on an absolute sprawn and brawl clinic in that fight. Fought off the takedowns with finesse and continually landed shots through the entire fight. The RNC finisher was just icing.

A couple of good threads going on over at Bullshido right now about the closed guard, here , and here check them out if you're having any trouble with your closed guard game. I'm still working on my cardio, I feel pretty good about everything else right now. I think the next technique related item I really want to focus on his my hip movement with armbars from the guard. I feel like I'm leaving my hips stuck to the ground, they just aren't mobile enough.

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