Tuesday, November 6, 2007

NAGA Video Extravaganza

Ok, the videos from NAGA are up on Google Video now the links are below:
My 1st Match
My 2nd Match
My 2nd Match Overtime
Guy From Hardcore Gym whose name I forgot...
Brian, the guy I met at Casca Grossa, Match 1
Brian Match 2
Brian Match 3

The videos don't seem to be working just yet, may take a few hours for them to be available.

I've been skipping on training since a combination of car trouble, the time change, and NAGA has me feeling under the weather. I may not make it back to class this week, which would suck, but I'm sure I'll be back next week at the latest. I'm working on a conditioning routine that I can hit every day to try to get my endurance up. I'll post it up here once I figure out what I'm going to do. My Ironman Burpees challenge ended on 38, I skipped one day, then another, then stopped doing them all together. I just have too many things going on at once.


  1. What are you currently doing for conditioning and cardio? I think I'm in the same boat and I'm looking on ways to improve my regimen as well.

  2. Well, up until now I haven't been doing much at all. Just going to class 3-5 days a week. What I'm going to be doing is getting a tractor tire (Weighs about 300lbs) and about 500lbs of beans. I own 3.5 acres so I have some room to work. I'm gonna fill some big bags I have that used to have horsefeed in them with beans, around 125lbs apiece, 4 bags. I'm gonna set them about 15 feet apart out in my field, and have my tractor tire a few feet away. Then I sprint to the first bag, pick it up, put it back down, sprint to the second bag, and repeat. Then I do the same thing back to where the tire is, then I flip the tire up to the end of the line of bags and back. Then I repeat the process as many times as possible for 5 minutes.

  3. Do you do any sort of cardio/conditioning in class?

    We jump rope in muay thai, and do joging/sprinting/shrimping/other sorts of conditioning for 20 min at the beginning of BJJ.

    Outside of class I've been mountain biking several days a week and it's really seemed to help.

  4. We do a brief warmup in class, but the only conditioning we do is rolling for 30ish minutes. Most of class is taken up with working techniques.

  5. Cool - triangle again. Other guy looked a lot more nervous, too: do you know if he had less experience than you?

  6. Not really sure how much experience he had. If he had much less than me he would have been in the Novice division.