Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ultimate Fighter Episode 11/28

Another fine example of the caliber and quality of people in the sport of MMA last night. I am of course referring to Farmboy's unbelievable tenacity in fighting through one hell of a tight armbar and a solid triangle in the first 2 minutes of the fight. Rob was clearly sick, looked like he could barely breath, and really went all out to finish the fight quickly. Unfortunately Farmboy is some kind of superhuman wrestling cyborg from the future and was able to resist the submissions. After that it was more or less lay and pray with some punching. I think the match should have gone to a third round, but the result would have been the same. Unfortunately for Rob he was defeated by the flu. I fully expect to see him in the UFC within the next couple of years if he keeps at it though.
Oh, there was also some douchebaggery in the house involving toilets and door kicking, but we don't care about that here.

After I got my clutch fixed it turned out I had a blown head gasket in my car, so it was overheating every few miles. That is now fixed and I will make my triumphant return to class tonight after which I'm heading down to a friends TKD school for some dojo storming fun. I'll have another post up tonight about all that.

Next competition is on Feb 10th of 2008. I've been doing a lot of conditioning work while out of class and I feel stronger. The weightclasses at this comp are pretty wide though, so I expect to run into some monster guy who just outpowers me. Should be fun though.

Update: No class or dojo storming tonight. Made it an early evening with my girl. Dojo Storming moved to next tuesday, possibly with video.

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