Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Casca Grossa 2007

This weekend is Casca Grossa. All I know about it is that it's a big grappling tournament. This will be my first step back into real competition of any kind since the ITF Taekwondo World Cup in 2004 where a very tall russian fellow beat me like a red headed step child. I hope to do better this time around. I'll be competing in the Beginner, No-Gi, 144lb and under weight class. So, everyone in the division should be about my size, and about my experience level which will be a novel experience for me. I'm by far the smallest person at my gym except for one guy who has fought in the WEC at 135 and one at 145. Obviously these guys are so far beyond my experience level that it is laughable for me to work out with them. I feel really good about my chances in this and I've been drilling the things I'm reasonably good at to try to have a few really really solid sweeps and submissions ready. Either way I'm hoping to learn a lot about how far I've progressed in the last 10 months. Video will be forthcoming after the event, probably sunday. For anyone interested in coming out the tournament is at Mt Zion high school in Jonesboro, Ga.

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