Monday, October 22, 2007

Escapin' Side Control, but not work...

Just a quick update today. I went to the beginner class and we were working escapes from side control. Did knee-elbow escape with a little nuance I hadn't gotten before. Rory was teaching and put some emphasis on tucking your foot inside your opponents thigh as if you are going to butterfly guard in order to keep them from walking towards your head. Also did an escape out the back which is handy if you can't get your knee in-between, and a table-up to single-leg move that is pretty much straight out of my wrestling days. It was a straight up 3 I's class today, he introduced the techniques, then we paired of and drilled them for a bit without resistance, then we drilled them with a little bit of resistance, then we went live from side control. The poor kid I was paired up with had only been coming to class for about 3 weeks so even though he had 40lbs and 6 inches on me he just didn't quite know how to hold me down. He was definitely getting the hang of it by the end though. All in all it was a good class and something I can always use more time drilling. I like the fundamentals and getting out of side control is about as fundamental as it gets. I'm still feeling good about NAGA and I think that's just going to get better as the day approaches.

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