Thursday, October 11, 2007

Out for the week...

My shoulder flared up bad enough that I am now out for the week to let it heal. I'm taking that time to read Mastering the Rubber Guard some more from a new perspective and work on my BJJ roadmap. I've also quadrupled my protein intake, so hopefully I'll be a few pounds heavier for NAGA.
I forgot to mention that on Tuesday I got to roll with one of our pro MMA guys who is very close to my weight. It was nice to not feel utterly crushed by the weight, but it was still laughable. It really demonstrated to me how much more there is to learn about even simple things. He pretty much subbed me over and over while half asleep. Now I gotta figure out how he was pushing on my armpit to defeat all of my pass attempts....
Another post will probably show up on Monday, perhaps with some training video or a visualization of my current BJJ roadmap.

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  1. I said going to class might not be a good idea, apparently I am right again. There is a pattern emerging.