Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'.... RAWHIDE!

Well, we had 10 guys fight friday night and Adam was still a little zoned from cornering all of the fights and coordinating everything, so we had a class of rolling and a Q&A. Overall I'm really happy with the way things went. I've really improved at protecting myself in the guard and passing guard. I also don't get caught by the same trick twice. I rolled a couple of weeks ago with a guy who is UNGODLY flexible and I had him in north-south and he rolled up, tucked his hooks in and took my back while is shoulders were still flat on the mat. He tried to do it to me again this time and I was able to avoid it, along with a bunch of other crazy subs from him. I even was able to generally out position him and made a good attempt at an americana on him, but I had his elbow pointed at the sky and he didn't even seem uncomfortable... Crazy flexible.
Other guys I rolled with were variations on the same. I still have trouble in side control as everyone feels really heavy. It's a real battle to get my knee in or get out the back. I did get to take a turn non-stop subbing someone as there was a guy who has been away for 5-6 months and just came back. I rolled with him once before when I was in the beginner class and he out positioned me but didn't sub me. This time I omoplataed him and RNCed him, and also outpositioned him. He was good at keeping his weight on me from the top though, made it VERY uncomfortable. Since he's back full time now he'll probably quickly get back into form and we'll end up going about 50/50, which is nice since he's about my weight, but a little taller.
Part of the Q&A during the rolling was about how to get out of a tight Overhook without giving up the triangle or the oma, the question came from one of my primary rolling partners because that's pretty much my entire game from the guard. Since that's kind of shut down now after the comprehensive lecture from Adam on how not to get subbed I have to find other ways to work from there. Oh well, always learning.
I feel good from almost every position except bottom of side control, I even feel better being mounted than I do there. I'm going to try to make it a point to work from there thursday and friday to get something that works for me before NAGA. I feel like I'm making rapid progress, it feels really good.

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