Monday, October 29, 2007

The Secrets Of The Universe.... REVEALED!

So after my repeated beatdown by Brian via "some bizarre neck crank" I posed the question of WTF was happening to the guys over at Bullshido which generated this thread where PizDoff suggested that it might be a Brabo choke. I went to the 5:30 class today and we were doing escapes from side control and Adam saw that I was unintentionally halfassing the escape by just wedging my knee in. While he was correcting me and making sure I was actually shrimping out and making space with my arms and everything he mentioned me getting subbed by Brian and told me it was a Darce choke (same thing as the brabo for No Gi). He also told me I was getting hit with it because I kept throwing up the underhook when I tried to ball down under half guard and I was leaving my head unprotected. It was recommended that instead of trying to ball down and sweep that I attempt to escape back to guard instead. I'm going to pay more attention to protecting my head/neck from there now and stick to getting my guard back against people who are that much better than I am. Much more likely to pull that off than getting the sweep.
So mad props to the guys at bullshido for their help. Adam must be psychic or a bullshido reader though since he knew exactly what I'd been thinking.
Most of the class was spent fine tuning escapes from under side control which is an area I really needed to work on. Adam revolutionized the whole concept for me just by showing me how I needed to use my arms when I was shrimping.
All in all a great class that felt like it was designed to deal with the things I was most concerned with. For anyone who is interested here is a link to the Darce choke if you want to check it out.

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