Saturday, February 12, 2011

BJJ 2/11/2011

No one showed up for the beginner class, so chilled until time for the main class. Casey's schedule got jacked up again so he can't make it to class until 8 now. Class ended up being all kinds of small, just six of us around 8pm. I spent the first half hour playing upside down guard with folks while we rolled randomly. When Casey got there we worked a baseball bat choke setup using the lapel to tie up the shoulder or arm depending on how they defend, then a modification where the opponent defends early by grabbing the lapel, so you switch to an ezekiel. Then another variation where the gi tie up is too tight, so you switch to an ezekiel from the back with the other hand in the sleeve.
We rolled a gauntlet and again I spent some more time playing upside down guard and eventually concluded that I'm going to leave it as a transitory position instead of one where I hang out. It puts a lot of stress on my lower back that I don't like to deal with.
Rolled with Casey a couple of times and I can tell that I've made progress. The level of resistance he gives me now would have wrecked me six months ago.
Got stuck under Coe in an attempted inverted triangle thingy for most of a round, couldn't break his grip while I was transitioning and got stuck.

Nothing else particularly notable, though I can fuckin taste that purple belt.

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