Saturday, February 19, 2011

BJJ 2/18/2011

The only person in the fundamentals class was Steven, he doesn't have a gi, so we worked through armbars from guard for no-gi emphasizing using the legs to control the upper body and sweeping to finish from the top.
Then I walked him through what to do when your opponent manages to yank his arm out. Showed the switch to the triangle choke, again emphasizing keeping the hips high and not rushing to the finish before adjusting everything properly.
Finished up with some Jiujitsu chess, again emphasizing thinking when you're rolling.

Main class started out with some standup work, hipthrows back and forth. Techniques were a continuation of the side control work we've been doing. Transitioning to the top arm under the far shoulder, then transitioning to the mount by pulling the far knee down.
We followed that up with options when the mount isn't available. The first option was catching the hand and pushing it away from the body and switching to a Kimura. Second option was for when your opponent manages to grab their belt or pants. Transition to north south, then attack with the kimura from there.

We started rolling from side control and I joined the heavyweight group. Rolling with Coe, Casey, and Johnny so I spent most of my time defending against wicked chokes and kimuras. Managed to finagle my way back to guard a few times from the bottom and wait out a few submissions with Casey and Coe. Johnny just BLASTS through my guard though, smashes me, and grabs a limb and yanks it around. If I play 100% defense and nothing else I can hold him off for a while, but the second I give him ANY kind of opening he'll smash right through it.
On top I was able to hold Coe down despite most of his efforts. He can't rely on powering me off of him and has to get tricky to escape. Casey I can hold down for a bit, but FWOOSH eventually he magically teleports me onto the bottom.
Johnny grabs a big handful of gi and just powers me far enough off of him to switch to a double leg and smashes me. I'm still working on figuring out what I need to do to slow him down, he's one of my favorite guys to roll with.
I did get a couple of videos from this one, one of me rolling with Casey and one with Coe. I wanted one with Johnny but ended up not getting any. So I'm not getting as smashed in the videos as I wanted to be for analysis. I'll have the videos up monday some time with some analysis.

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