Thursday, February 24, 2011

BJJ 2/23/2011

We had a visitor today, eternal purple belt Jeremy who previously trained with Casey was back in town. He's been a purple belt longer than I've been training and absolutely should be a brown, but just... isn't for some reason.
I've rolled with him twice before, once last year, and once the year before and thoroughly enjoyed it because he's about 145lbs and maybe an inch taller than I am.

Technique was continuing on with the lapel wrapups from side control. This time a different armbar setup, and a transition to the back. There might also have been a choke, but I was a few minutes late to class and missed it. Mostly though I'm seeing that there are a ton of options from that lapel wrapup and so I've added it to my list of things to practice regularly.
We went straight to gauntlets after that and my group was me, Antony, and Jeremy making for some fun and dynamic rolls. The very first time I ever rolled with him Jeremy hit me with what I considered a power move that only worked on noobs, he let me pass to side control, then flipped me straight over him. I was baffled, because I've stopped WAY bigger guys from doing that to me. I spent the next year with that in my head and again prevented a bunch of much bigger guys from doing it. Then I rolled with him again, got to side control thinking, "AHA! I've got him now!" and then FWOOSH. So for another year I worked on being able to hold that side control and again this time I thought, "AHA! I've got him now!" 4 seconds later, over I went.

The difference this time is that he demonstrated to Antony how he was doing it and a key detail emerged. He was grabbing my belt over my back and I NEVER FELT IT. Seriously, that's how pimp his timing was. He would get the elbow in under my stomach, then rock back a bit, upa into me and lift. I would feel the lift from his elbow, but that pressure disguised the pressure from him grabbing my belt and lifting. So, once again, I think I have a handle on it and can stop him. Next time I plan on keeping him in side control once I get him there. Then he'll have to bust out some OTHER sneak trick I can steal, cause I'm gonna adopt this one.
He also is phenomenal with his gi manipulation. Half the time I would know exactly what he was doing and move to block it, only to find out my own gi was tied around my leg or something and I couldn't get to the counter in time. And my favorite part of the evening, he caught me in a wicked tight bow and arrow choke that I fought for about 3 seconds longer than I REALLY should have and I almost went out as I was tapping. My entire body was tingling for a good 15 seconds after he let go.


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