Friday, February 4, 2011

BJJ 2/4/2011

Had two guys for the fundamentals class today, one of them is pretty much brand new to the Gi but has some no-gi experience. We warmed up with the Upa->Shrimp->Hipswitch->Turtle->Sitout->Repeat drill, then I went over different grips and how to break them and had them do some grip fighting back and forth to get used to the idea. Next I showed them the basic X-choke and one grip variation of it. After that I went over framing and escaping mount and side control again then I had them play BJJ Chess for about 20 minutes. Making one move at a time. It really shows you the difference between having trained for 4+ years and having trained for 1 year or less. They frequently had to completely stop and think for several seconds about what they should do next, whereas I generally already have 4-5 moves planned out and ready. Hopefully we'll see them improve their ability to think ahead as time goes by in the fundamentals class.

Main Class
Casey liked my warm up drill from the fundamental class, so the main class did it as well. After that it was more arm drag drills, different grip breaks to the armdrag setup and then various finishes from the back. Same stuff we've been working on the last few sessions, once again I really enjoy getting a ton of reps on stuff. Drilled and threw some people around, then rolled with some folks. I was filming some of the rolls, of course the roll where I hit an overhead sweep on 215lber wasn't filmed, but I got some good stuff out of it which I'll be posting monday.

What I've most noticed recently is that I'm getting more and more relaxed while rolling to the point where I just prevent my opponent from putting much together in the way of offense until they give me an opening and it doesn't seem to matter how hard my opponent is working, my intensity level never changes. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. I think I need to spend a few sessions working on cranking my intensity up.

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