Monday, February 28, 2011

Post Throwdown Videos

So many of you know that over the weekend I went up to North Carolina for a Bullshido Throwdown. Some of you are aware that part of the reason I went was a challenge match between myself and Matt "War Wheel" Phillips. Those videos can all be seen on Bullshido via their Facebook page or checking out the Gong Sau threads. For most of my readers the more interesting video will be me rolling with a 315lb white belt. That's right THREE HUNDRED. He has about a year of training making him officially the most skilled super heavy that I've rolled with.

So, as usual I used my legs as much as I could to keep him from getting his weight down onto me. I was on top for a bit but seriously he was able to casually push my weight away as I tried to pass. If I were super serious about "beating" the guy I never would have given up top position even if it meant I spent 5 minutes hugging his leg, but this was a TD and is supposed to be a fun thing, so I'd rather play than grind out a non-existent win. At 1:10 or so I'm just holding him up and my legs are getting tired, so I switched to full guard, which was a mistake. With his height and weight he was able to just step over my leg to half guard and with a little patience he was able to lock up a Kimura. I tried a breakdance escape and he was just TOO BIG for me to pull off the flip. It's seriously just INSANE rolling with someone that big.
My legs feel like I was squatting trucks or something today. Very cool guy though, everyone at the TD was awesome.

If anyone else got videos of me rolling I'll throw them up here as well, I got smashed by a !180lb purple belt, and a ~150 Brown belt, and I had a bunch of fun going back and forth with some blue belts of various experience and fitness levels. Hit a Zapruder on one very cool ~140 blue belt from Team ROC, and got crazy phantom straight armlocked by another one.
The entire thing was a blast and anyone who didn't make it missed out on delicious chocolate cake and awesome jits. As well as a ton of free jiujitsu lessons. The Brown that schooled me showed me some tips for De La Riva guard and reverse DLR that are going to help a TON with me.

I'll post details for the date of the next one when it's finalized. So, mad props to Sifu Jason and Team ROC for a MONSTER awesome throwdown. You guys do good work.


  1. Hey, this is Hoy - the Brown Belt you rolled with at the throwdown. It was a blast meeting you and a lot of fun playing in your tricky guard. Congrats on the oldskool "Gracies in Action" victory. If you're ever in NC, you have a home at ROC

  2. Yeah, no one warned me that you WON THE FREAKIN MUNDIALS.
    Was an absolute pleasure rolling with you and I look forward to making it up there again for the next TD.