Monday, May 23, 2011

BJJ No-Gi 5/22/2011

Kris showed up at about 6:30 for the beginner class so we went over a mini Blue Belt test since he got confirmation that he'll be testing for his Blue when I test for my purple. Ran through the whole list and I feel pretty good about his chances for success.

Casey was at the beach with his family or something, so Ian and I ran the class. Which really meant I ran through three techniques real quick then we rolled for about an hour.
Techniques were basic butterfly guard sweep with overhook and an underhook. Then a sweep with two overhooks. The keypoint to that one is to make sure you lock your hands together really well and clamp down on your opponents arms so that they don't get to use the underhooks against you. Third tech was for when your opponent pulls away from you when you have the overhooks, you kick your hips away and drive their shoulders down with your overhooks, then pop one arm free and go for the guillotine.

After that we rolled a bunch. One of our Ammy fighters stuck around to roll with us, he's a guy that in the past has beat me up every time, but this time I was able to consistently out position him and take his back. Even finished with an RNC which represents a significant increase in my ability to handle extremely athletic people.
Also almost finished Johnny with a guillotine. I'm more and more often able to fight Johnny off for longer periods of time and even launch attacks at him. The same with Ian.

We had a new guy in the class that was somewhere in the 200lb range and VERY active. Was a blast, he didn't seem to get tired which meant I had someone to roll with for pretty much the entire hour.

I got Kris with the Rigan Machado 50/50 counter again. Also, used my new side control escape several times and managed to avoid the D'Arce all night.

A really solid class for me.

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