Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Health and Training Update

Got over my illness and returned to class last friday. Injuries are all healed up even though I still have a little pain in my left hand it's nothing serious.

I got confirmation that I'll be testing for my Purple belt when Jacare gets back from the Mundials, so Mundials are June 2-4 which puts me testing most likely on Saturday June 11th. I'm feeling ready for it.

In amongst my training towards my purple belt I've run into a serious hole in my game that is now my main focus. It's related to my previous post about side control escapes and has definitely become an issue. I'm going to lay the situation out and see if any of the folks that keep tabs on my training here can offer a suggestion or two.

So, situation is thus, I am on the bottom of side control and working to escape. I have several options that include turning into my opponent, shrimping and attempting to regain guard, turning away from my opponent and turtling, trying to catch a leg and pull to halfguard, trying to jailbreak and slip my far foot in for halfbutterfly, or attempting a reversal.
My problem comes when my opponents outweigh me by 50-60lbs, and are far stronger than I am. From side control no matter which way I attempt my escape I'm feeding himself right into a D'arce or Anaconda choke. I can defend for a while, but I can't generate enough leverage to escape. I'm actually incapable of moving my upper body against the weight being applied to it and trying to do anything with my lower body usually results in me getting folded in half or ragdolled.

So a LOT of my rolls are playing out with me playing defensively for the first minute or so, then getting bored and starting to attempt sweeps and submissions, thus opening myself up to getting passed, where I then work to escape while my opponent crushes me until they can grab an arm or I manage to get half guard or turtle at which point I get D'arced.
If I just sit and play 100% defense then I can keep it from ever getting to that point, but that's silly to be doing while training. So what I need is some input on how to handle people going for the d'arce as I try to escape from bottom of side control. Particularly interested in the view point of other small and weak people that know what it's like to be physically unable to overcome the strength in your opponents arms no matter how much of your body you wedge into it.

This particular hole in my game is really driving me nuts.

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