Saturday, May 21, 2011

If you've got the poison, I've got the remedy.

So, no sooner do I recognize a hole in my game than I find a perfect piece to fill it. I was looking around for different side control escapes to find one that didn't feed right into the D'Arce. Lo and behold I find The Ghost:

I worked through the movement a bunch before class and then had the chance to try it against none other than Casey, AND IT WORKED. Of course he almost immediately dumped me back on my back and went to work, but I escaped from side control without setting my opponent up with an instant D'Arce. I plan on repping the shit out of this one through june so I can add it to my regular arsenal.

Trying to get my weight lifting routine back on a solid schedule as well, and my current daily driver car decided that transmissions are over-rated, so I'm doing a rebuild on my OTHER car (1988 Honda CRX HF) this weekend. Fun Times!


  1. I've seen this escape before and always wondered what is stopping them from armbarring your overhooking arm.

    I see how the pimp arm would make it more challenging, but it seems like since you've extended your other arm and given them an underhook, if they collapse your post you're totally boned.

  2. I actually meant to address that in the post. You do open yourself up to your opponent attempting to spin to an armbar, it's a bit of a race for you to roll back towards them as they spin so that you beat them to the outside.
    My PRIMARY concern was finding an escape that didn't lead into a D'Arce, I'm aware of the armbar risk and my armbar defense is a lot better than my D'Arce defense against the class of people that I will be using this against.
    It's definitely a risk trade-off, but it's one I'm happy to make.