Friday, May 27, 2011

Some Jiujitsu Happened!

I hit up class on Wednesday for the first time in a while and we worked leg locks and such then rolled a bunch. Everything was clicking pretty well and I felt the flow.

Today was even better. Had a lot of folks show up for the beginner class and worked on all of the blue belt curriculum with Kris and the younger kids while Ian worked on the purple belt stuff.
Main class was breaking grips to finish the armbar. Basic left and right lean and the bicep crusher.

Specific sparring started with one person halfway armbarred. Fun stuff.
After that I rolled in a group with Rugby and Kris. The flow was present even stronger than on Wednesday and I was able to make Rugby feel weak. He's the kind of guy that can pick me up and just fling me off of him if I get loose or fail to adjust properly, but I did everything right and was able to smother him and move around and look for submissions. Largely that was thanks to a post by bullshido user JNP regarding spinal/body alignment. It turns out that it really IS hard as hell to bench press someone off of you when they are bending your head towards your opposite shoulder.
My guard passes were so smooth that it was more like transitioning from inside guard to side control. There was barely any actual "pass" there. I just teleported through the guard.

I also have started to take advantage of my improved agility now that my back is healed and I was flying all over the place on the top. I feel comfortable with the idea of being a purple belt now and I'm really looking forward to my test.

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