Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Injury Update and Random BJJ

I've been a little lazy on the updates because I've been building a fence around my property with most of my free time the last couple of weeks, but as of yesterday the fence is DONE and my horses now have free access to most of the property.

The work on the fence actually IMPROVED my shoulder and it's almost pain free now. My left elbow got aggravated a little bit, but it's just sore, not interfering with me. The finger on my left hand is still gimpy enough that I'm waring my MMA gloves for jiujitsu to keep it from getting bent back randomly.

BJJ has been interesting. I'm rolling around some different side control stuff and working on pinpointing the issue I keep having with giving up my head when I'm trying to escape from side control. Should be more on that after wednesday's class.

Sunday night was No-Gi and Kris showed up for the beginner class, he had some questions about spider guard in no-gi and since no else was there we worked on that for a bit, then rolled for a while. It turned into a leglock clinic and I hit a half a dozen things from Rigan Machado's "Leglock Encyclopedia". Kris has a really nice straight ankle lock that he caught me with a couple of times too.

Did some work from under side control and kept giving up my head or head and arm for chokes, so definitely have to troubleshoot that.

The main class was self defense against shirt grabbing. I busted out some aikido and the old TKD self defense stuff to play with as well as some other random stuff. Also a really nice throw against a rear bearhug that I might get some video of this week.

Rolled with Kris, Ankhor and JC and had a good time. Ankhor needs to get back to the BJJ class, he's definitely lost a step from spending all of his time in Muay Thai.

Looking at this video for ideas on side control escapes for now.


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  2. Interesting blog...found you from jiujitsuforums.com. You can find me at backchoke.com. I'll keep on checking in.