Sunday, June 12, 2011

BJJ 6/10/2011

Spent some time watching the videos from James Clingerman posted over at Bullshido about guard passing. I love his videos because his style is so similar to my own.
Taught some guard passing to the beginner class and had them work on posturing, guard breaking, and passing for a while.
Main class was open guard passing which tied in quite well with the stuff I was working on with the beginners. Drilled for a while then did a gauntlet with the lightweights. Spent the whole time sweeping and passing. Also hit the Ghost escape a few more times on various people. Really starting to get it tuned up.

Saturday was a full rest day and I took my wife to see “As You Like It”, it rained so I built us a makeshift tent and the play ended up going on despite the rain.

Sunday my jiujitsu was interrupted by work, but I was able to hit up my S&C Routine as well as the Riders fitness routine my wife is doing.

Managed 3 full sets. 10 swings, 5 rows/arm, 10 dumbell deadlifts w/ 55lb dumbells.

That is a ferocious pace for me and I really feel like if I can push my way all the way to 15 minutes solid of it I’ll be in the kind of physical shape I need to be for the mundials.

There will be a more detailed post about the Clingerman guard passing videos soon.

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