Monday, June 6, 2011

Inspired by the Mundials

So I spent large chunks of the weekend watching or reading up on the Mundials and as a result I've decided I'd like to compete there next year.
So yesterday was spent getting my nutrition in order and figuring out what I'm going to be eating for the next 12 months and today I'm working on getting my training schedule put together and getting my strength and conditioning routine fixed up. I'd like to compete at 154 with the Gi on, which means I'd like to weigh 155ish and cut down to 149 which is a super easy cut for me. But right now I'm walking at about 146, so that gives me a solid 9-10lbs I can put on in muscle over the next 12 months.

My training schedule should look like this once I get everything in place:

Mon: Lunchtime BJJ - 1hr. S&C - 1hr
Tues: Luncthime BJJ - 1hr. S&C - 1hr
Wed: Newaza w/ Judo School - 1hr. BJJ - 1.5hrs
Thurs: Lunchtime BJJ - 1hr. S&C - 1hr
Fri: BJJ - 3hrs
Saturday: Trip to Alliance HQ every other saturday for 3hrs BJJ.
Sunday: BJJ 3hrs

That gives me an avg week of 13 hours of BJJ training with 3 hours of additional strength and conditioning.

If I can maintain that pace I think I'll actually be ready for a run at the Mundials with a good shot at taking a medal.

At the same time I've decided I'd rather shoot for that than start trying to deal with MMA since I hate training striking.

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