Wednesday, June 8, 2011

BJJ 6/8/2011

My first day of training getting into a Mundials mindset and it was pimp. Managed to fit in a pre-jiujitsu horseback ride and then was off to the gym. Warmed up the class with some skipping and jogging, tech fall and tech stand, then upas and sitouts and some stretching.
Technique was open guard passing using the cross collar grip and the same side knee to pass, then moving to collar choke if they clamp down on your leg, then on to a darce variant if they try to block the collar choke.

After that we drilled in open guard for a while and hit a slick DLR sweep to the back and then to side control. Hit a lot of sweeps and passed guard a bunch. Rolling was a gauntlet for the lightweights, hit a couple of Bow and Arrow chokes that I've been working on as alternate ways to finish from the back. Hit a baseball bat choke, hit my spinning loop choke a couple of times, and worked my guard passing really strongly. I was never in a bad position unless I let myself be put there so I could work out of it and everything felt great.

I finalized my S&C routine yesterday and it's going to look like this:

All Using my 55lb dummbell:
Kettelbell Swings x10
Bent over Row x5 each arm
Static holds x30 seconds (55lb in each hand)
Deadlifts x20 (55lb in each hand)

Repeat for 15 minutes.

The goal being to make it through the entire 15 minutes without stopping for more than changing the weight. Then add time and see where it goes. I'm basing the exercises off of the things that I saw over and over and over again in the top guys routines. Pulling, posture, and grip strength are huge assets.

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