Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Picking things up and Puttin' them down again

I have about three more weeks of Pre-training on my weight lifting before the weight starts going up and the reps start coming down. I should finish pre-training right before NAGA on Oct 1.

Currently I'm at 3x7+2x6 w/ 120lbs on the bench. 3x10 w/ 130lbs on deadlifts, and 3x5/arm w/ 55lbs on bent over rows.
Once the pre-training is done I'll be adding in squats and starting to reduce the reps on bench and increase the weight. The deadlifts will start going up as well and the reps going down.

I should settle in to my normal 3x3 routine by december some time at 185lbs on the bench and squat, and probably a single set of 5 with 220 on the deadlifts and start eeking the weight up again. Rows will most likely stay the same.

First competition of the season is creeping on me, but I'm feeling good.

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