Thursday, September 1, 2011

BJJ 8/31/2011 - Fight Prep

Warmed up before class with some agility drills, cartwheels, handstands, handsprings, random rolling around, did a little capoeira to loosen up because I was feeling good.

Also worked on some standing loop choke takedowns and the superman guard pass for fun.

Class warmup was no-handed armbars from guard, then triangles, then omoplatas. Technique of the day was omoplata, then omoplata and transition to side control when your opponent rolls out of it, then omoplata to triangle, then omoplata to gogoplata.

Drilled from guard and I spent a lot of time working the Chim-pass on top. I'm finally getting the details worked out on it and it worked for me several times against Antony, who is kind of my yardstick for whether something sucks or not. Since if it works on him it must be pretty functional.

After the drilling I moved over to help sharktank Brian who is getting ready for his fight at Bad Manor. We started in his guard and had to pass it, he had to sweep, submit, or escape.
A lot of the guys were making the mistake of matching strength against him and trying to force their way past his guard, and he's incredibly strong and flexibile, so that's not easy. I had more success by being sneaky and using my normal teleport pass.
We continued sharktanking him and coaching him through stuff and he's REALLY getting his gameplan super solid. At the end we did some takedowns from the clinch with him and I busted out my one TD trick and shot for the firemans carry, then when he sprawled I pulled a wicked sitout and forced him to scramble hard not to get his back taken. That's about all I can do with him, his clinch work is fierce and his takedown defense is really strong. I expect him to win in spectacular fashion next friday.

I've added some vanity lifting to my Mundials prep as well. Just doing 3 sets of 10 bench press with 95lbs in order to pump my chest up a bit for no other reason that I want to look better. Still doing tons of deadlifts and rows for my pulling strength and posture though and it's paying off.

Purple belt test is now two days away and I am slightly nervous about it.


  1. I'm sure you'll pass with ease: any chance of video footage? ;)

  2. Small chance, the Jennosaurus will be traveling up with me, but she has to study for her classes while there.
    The actual test is pretty boring. Just demonstrating a bunch of techniques. The rolling is done during the class before the test, so there's not much to it. I might try to get her to film it though, just to have.