Sunday, September 25, 2011

BJJ 9/25/2011

Some of the guys showed up at 5 to roll, I made it at 5:30 and got in a few rolls with them. I was working triangle setups and finishes as well as the Caio Terra halfguard sweep that I just picked up. It worked fucking awesome every time. I was even able to force it a few times when their hips weren't in the exact right place.
Other folks came in at 6 for my class, and since it was experienced guys showing up we rolled for the whole 1.5 hours pretty much. Worked on a few things, mostly triangles from the back and everywhere else. Worked the spin under to 50/50 to toe-hold sequence, worked my standing passes.... Pretty much just sharpened all of my tools up for NAGA.

Coe and I taught the main class, he showed a couple of techniques for escaping mount when guys get high and you can't pull off the upa or the knee to elbow.
I showed the Caia Terra halfguard sweep and the halfguard bump again.

Moar rolling! Moar triangles! Was hitting triangles like mad on everyone. Also hunting toe holds. I don't feel like I'll be totally helpless in the Expert division, and my spin under loop choke is sharp for the gi division. NAGA on Saturday. Resting up until then.

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