Monday, January 16, 2012

BJJ 1/15/2012

Went horseback riding for a couple of hours before class and my arm was already starting to ache a little bit. Got there about 6:15 and got dressed and started rolling with Kris. I'm still working on being smooth and fluid with my transitions and forcing the game into MY game, but since it was no-gi we also throw in leg locks of all kinds.
I actually hit my figure four DLR counter SEVERAL times on him and it worked nicely. Also quite a few other nice transitions into submissions. He landed one extremely smooth transition through to the back and right into a nice choke.
His hip movement is getting very slick and forcing me to continually improve my guard passing. I was also reminded that grip control is just as important in no-gi as it is in gi and started to put together a better offense when I made it a priority to break his grips and establish my own.

At the moment my arm is aching like MAD because I just got done lifting, so typing is hard, but check out my review of the Spiderguard Flex Cup that I just put up and keep an eye out for a new homework assignment coming up friday.

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