Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Job vs BJJ: Shootout

So we found out recently that instead of 4 major, enormous, HUGE projects over the next 8 months we have 9 major, enormous, HUGE projects and 3 somewhat smaller projects. Now, while this means that I stand to make truly preposterous amounts of money this year it ALSO means that the amount of time I have to train may have just been drastically reduced. As may have my ability to compete in the US Grappling tournaments I wanted to do, and quite possibly the mundials as well. I won't know for sure for a couple of months on that front.

In the mean time I'm trying to fit as much training as I can in and getting back to 5x5. I also started doing Couch to 5k with my wife, even though I hate to run. It will probably be good for me.

Anyways, got to class a little bit late due to work so I missed a couple of the halfguard techs, but paired up with a new guy and showed him the basic positions, a basic halfguard pass, escapes from mount and side control. Then worked on the halfguard sweep that we were drilling.

Opponent has turned to face your feet and is working to free their leg. Grab their bottom arm near the elbow and then push them them forwards like you're trying to just shove them over. They shove back and when they do you roll with their momentum and end up on top. Very simple.

Drilled with the lightweights, then with a few of the heavier guys because I needed more people to drill with. Worked on sweeping instead of just reguarding because reguarding is too easy.

Rolled with the some of the heavier guys and felt slow, clunky, and not quite as smooth as I want to be. Nullified everyone's offense and worked my escapes and sweeps, but the bigger guys are starting to really develop good base and have caught on to most of my tricks, so it's really difficult to get sweeps on them unless I crank the intensity up and then everything gets crazy. I didn't feel as good about class today as I did last week, but it's all good.

Coming up: Review of the Spider Guard flex cup. I just want to roll in it a couple more times before I write it up.

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