Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Hate Ringworm, But I Love US Grappling!

So in addition to having to struggle with my work schedule I ended up with a spot of ringworm on my arm. That means I spent the last 7 days treating it with myconizal and bleach. It's faded away to almost nothing now, but just in case I'm taking an extra couple of days and won't be back on the mats until friday.

But, it looks like I WILL be heading up to Greensboro, NC for the US Grappling Submission Only event so for anyone else that is going to be there, look for me. I'm easy to find. I'll be in a blue gi with a giant shark on the back.

I'll be competing in 30+ Advanced No-Gi, Adult Advanced No-Gi, 30+ Purple Belt Gi, Adult Purple Belt Gi, and Adult and 30+ Absolute divisions as well. Should be able to hit between 6 and 8 divisions if all goes as planned. So I hope to have a nice long day.

I hope to have a couple of technique videos up next week as well. Just some fun stuff to play with.


  1. Sucker for punishment :) Fala guerra!

  2. I will be there, too. I've been encouraged to start refereeing (and blue belts can ref Sub Only), and will most likely compete, too.

  3. @Leslie - Select blue belts. Very important distinction. :)

    Also, hooray for Josh coming to NC!

  4. I MIGHT be lying slightly. I will be making either the Greensoboro event OR the Richmond event. Not sure yet which one because I don't know which 5 days I'm going to be in Baton Rouge and the client keeps swinging the schedule around on us. But I WILL be doing the maximum number of divisions for whichever one I go to!

  5. Dustin: Nah man, I got my purple just a few months ago.

  6. I also might make the Richmond event. You can't avoid me forever ;)

    @Chrissy: Ah, I see. Well, now I just feel special. (And more pressure. Ack!)